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Service lineups

Blue Tiger Consulting with long time experience, technology and know-how of the cloud ERP business system to bring the transformation of your business to the next level

  • Oracle NetSuite Implementation & Support Service


    Based on NetSuite, as a No1. cloudERP, builting on multi tenant pure cloud application, our consultant, certified NetSuite’s technology and understanding industrial knowledge, provide you with best practice based rapid implementation

  • Development of various additional functions of Oracle NetSuite


    SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) is a next-generation integrated development environment and a major advancement included in the NetSuite SuiteCloud Development Platform. SDF supports the complete software development lifecycle including source code control, peer code reviews, team development and integrated debugging, coupled with sophisticated SuiteCloud deployment technologies. BTC provides full service for SDF with original vertical and industrial approach.

    Application Configuration Made Easy. Workflow Management Automates Your Business for Maximum Efficiency and Flexibility
    Embedded Real-Time Insights for Your Custom Applications. Flexible Customization without Limits.
    Standards-Based Power to Integrate and Extend NetSuite. Package and Deploy SuiteCloud Applications and Customizations

  • Oracle NetSuite Maintenance Support Service


    NetSuite is upgraded regularly twice a year, adding various wonderful new functions. In addition, accounting rules change and adaptation such as revision of consumption tax reports which will occur in the future will be taken done. While continuously maintaining and managing the customer’s environment, BTC provides support plans to prepare for the upcoming change, maintains and maintains the environment according to customers’ change in a wide range from daily maintenance work to future measures We will provide a growing system with fully optimized CloudERP enverinment.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Implementation & Support Service


    BTC provides total implantation services of Oracle E – Business Suite.
    Analyze your business and help you to provide implementation and operation of Orace E – Business Suite with deep knowledge of ERP and expertise of EBS. An experienced Oracle E – Business Suite consultant over the years can flexibly support your ERP deployment

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Additional Function Development


    While traditional ERP can be used generically in all companies, it often happens that customer’s business functions are sometimes not completed and localized. To fill the gap our consultants provide additional modules according to customer’s work to fit the gap. By our flexible customization based on the standard function, BTC promptly provides flexible interfaces, workflow development, various forms and reports, and new functions, in addition to the functions conventionally if necessary.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite maintenance Support Service


    Under the customer environment already in operation, BTC will be the bridge commination for engineering, address the issues, contacting a support center or a fault response that requires expert knowledge,
    And BTC will support you to reduce the miscommuncaiton as as “how vendors will understand how to tell them.”
    BTC think that it is quite important to have the issues defined, address and and called to action immediately. BTC assists in solving these problems that occur, organizing information, fulfilling a technical bridge with Oracle Support Services, and solving Oracle E-Business Suite

  • General server diagnostic service


    In the E – Business Suite that has a server in our company, the performance of the server has a big influence on the speed of business. With our extensive maintenance experience, BTC provides the integrated performance check and diagnosis advice so that the server environment can achieve higher performance.

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