BTC Japan-specific Withholding Payment

Withholding tax refers to deducting income tax from the payment of individual suppliers. Japanese companies need to pay the amount deducted withholding tax to the individual payee first, and pay the tax that the company has deposited to the tax office afterwards. (The manuscript fee/lecture fee for outside individuals and the remuneration for lawyers/ judicial scrivener etc. are applicable to the withholding tax range.)

Our Solution Features:
Payments to individual suppliers and individual business owners are automated, and accounting staff are released from complicated duplication works. Also, journals of deposits to be paid to the tax authorities are automatically created. By using the solution together with JBA format solution, it is possible to improve the efficiency of payment to individual suppliers.

BTC Japan-specific Fixed Assets

Normally, balance sheet and profit and loss statement only indicate the total amount of Building, Vehicles and Depreciation Expense. But still the corresponding breakdown is hard to be comprehensive to visualize.

Our Solution Feature:
By NetSuite unitary management system, our fixed asset management solution visualizes the calculation basis, such as the acquisition cost of each fixed asset, depreciation expense, disposal processing etc. In addition, our solution creates journals automatically from purchase to retirement of fixed assets and reflects the journals in the fixed asset register. However, the depreciation rate, useful life, depreciation method, account item, etc. can be set up freely. Depreciation, impairment and retirement processing of fixed assets are also automated. With this solution, acquisition of fixed assets is achieved at the time of preparing purchase orders, and fixed asset lifecycle journal is fully automated. Therefore, it is unnecessary to integrate data with “fixed asset module” and “other module” in customer’s existing NetSuite.

BTC Japan-specific EFT Payment

What is format of Japan-specific EFT Payment — Japanese Bankers Association(JBA)?   

Japanese Banker Association (JBA) prescribed format is a format prescribed by Japanese Bankers Association when data transmission is conducted. It is the format being used when remittance and transfer are made with the external, such as comprehensive internet banking, salary and bonus transfer.

Our Solution Feature:
Automation of payment processing can be realized by delivering JBA data created by NetSuite to Internet banking. Differences from NetSuite’s EFT Payment Standard Bundle Accounts payable transactions to multiple vendors could be selected simultaneously on the same operation screen and bank transfer fee is automatically calculated. It means that the efficiency of payment is dramatically improved. Multiple accounts payable transactions of the same supplier are combined into one payment and the commission fee is reduced correspondingly. Also, payment discounts, miscellaneous income and loss amounts for each transaction are adjusted to save time on manual input of journal entry.

BTC Omni Channel Commerce Integration for Oracle NetSuite

  • Integrated solution of transaction data, order management inventory and distributed whorehouse
    thru the multiple channels with distributed systems such as Amazon, Rakuten, Online shop
  • Collaboration with marketing automation
  • Integration solution with E-Commerce and fulfillment systems integrated with NetSuite (Shopify, Magento, local logistic systems etc.)

Vertical solution for CloudERP Oracle NetSuite

Wholesales, Distribution and Ecommerce

  • Centralized Omni-channel commerce ERP to integrate transactions such as Order Mgmt, invent management, customer relationship, loyalty management thru the multiple transactions from Amazon, Rakuten, Ecommerce shop
  • Collaboration with front end marketing automation
  • Completely integreategd with Ecommerce (Shopify, Magento, etc.) with Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite Rapid implementation for Consulting Service Industry

  • Project accounting integrated solution with NetSuite SRP
  • Rapid implementation for visualizing project accounting and profitability management
  • Integrated recurring revenue management with various recursion income and ongoing contract

NetSuite 2 Tier ERP deployment service for management multiple overseas operation for manufacturing industry

  • NetSuite OneWorld, a global integration solution
  • enables the Integrated management of multiple currencies, multiple languages, multiple taxation
  • Strengthening IT governance and rapid deployment with BTC industrial templates

NetSuite traceability solution in medical equipment industry

  • General medical equipment by traceability of SKU in advanced medical equipment on Oracle NetSuite
  • Compliant with the new QMS ministerial ordinance and integrated management of ISO 13485 management
  • CloudERP Integrated fulfillment solution with 3rd Party Logistics integration

Visualization of project accounting in service industry

  • Project accounting integrated solution with NetSuite SRP
  • Realize profitability management in rapid implementing of visualizing project
  • Efficient cost accounting and profitability management and integration with NetSuite Financials