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In any technology times,
we want the times we can share your smile
by making use of our individual strengths.

Representative director
Fan Zhao

Some people believe that our lives would be rich with the development of science and technology and the acceleration of research and development of artificial intelligence (AI).
On the other hand, other people say artificial intelligence would reach a singularity (technical singularity) that exceeds the human brain. * From exponential thinking

I have been engaged in IT and system development for many years, and I strongly believe that people can live much happier by engaging in high value-added jobs at that times no matter what the evolution of AI + IoT with high intelligence.

In the modern times, with the evolution of cutting-edge technologies such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and IoT, digital transformation is occurring, which realizes various operational efficiency and productivity improvements in each field.
In order to provide new value to the market, in environment which evolving quickly in new technologies and changes in the business, companies should stop engaging daily hassle operations and focus on more creative operations, and it is necessary to create an environment that individuals can maximize their strengths.
It is our mission at Blue Tiger Consulting to provide the best solutions to realize such an ideal business environment.

Employees from Blue Tiger Consulting, who provide diversity and are fluent in multiple languages such as English, Chinese and Spanish, are your consultants, and we support your transformation and challenges.
The customers’ business transformation and improvement of core values lead to the joy of each employee working here, and it in turn lead to the joy of whole Japan.
All of our employees will strive for the times of transformation.

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