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Corporate philosophy

corporate philosophy

TopCorporate philosophy


Corporate philosophy

corporate philosophy

We continue to grow together with our customers and employees.
We lead customers to success and share the joy.

Based on the experience and know-how gained through about 50 customers so far, we are not simply customizing ERP according to the customer’s business type, but using an introduction method optimized for cloud ERP to transform our customers’ business. We will help you to realize quickly with limited resources.




We support innovation and business goal achievement
of our customer at each stage through introduction, operation, establishment, and efficiency of our cloud ERP integration system.

Oracle’s cloud ERP package “NetSuite” boasts the world’s No. 1 share. As a partner of Oracle, we are developing a business specializing in “NetSuite”. Although it has been established for 5 years, it has the second highest record of introduction in Japan after Oracle. Sales have increased by 750% in the last four years. We have a great deal of trust from Oracle, and we are sharing a successful experience in the Japanese market.






We are the No.1 partner of Oracle and have a lot of experiences of introduction to cloud Enterprise resource planning (ERP) making use of NetSuite.



We have a sales growth rate of 750% in 4 years.



We have nine cloud ERP products by our own which utilize NetSuite.