Blue Tiger Consulting is a specialist group for Cloud ERP

About us

Blue Tiger Consulting is a specialist group specializing in ERP established in March 2015. Core members have experience and achievements of introduction and support around ERP·financial accounting, Oracle EBS, more than 20 years. At the timing when the cloud ERP begins the full digital transformation, in 2015, BTC was established to seek for the best company for growing company to provide integrated services such as optimal implementation, support and various extendable modules of ERP in the cloud era. Based on our solid experiences and knowledge of ERP, we are not just provide full customized ERP, but by using an implementation method fully optimized for cloud ERP with the best practice model, BTC makes your business transformed to the next leve to realize your next opportunities with less and more.

Corporate philosophy

Customers, and employees continue to grow. Drive customers to success and share.


We support the achievement of innovation and business goals according to customer’s stage through introduction, operation, establishment and efficiency of cloud ERP integration system.

Top Message

By accelerating the development of science and technology and research and development of artificial intelligence (AI), I believe that our lives may become rich. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is said to reach singularity (technical singularity) beyond the human brain. From Exponential Thought As a human being engaged in IT and system development for many years, no matter what kind of highly intelligent AI + IoT evolution, people can live happier living with high added value work that was in that era I strongly believe. Due to the evolution of state-of-the-art technologies such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and IoT, digital transformation is realized that various work efficiency improvement and productivity improvement in various fields right now.

Employees of Blue Tiger Consulting, thinks that most important culture of BTC is diversity with multicultural environment. Our consultants come from several countries and handles multiple languages such as English, Chinese and Spanish to help you changes and expand to the global.

Changing your business and improving core value also leads to the happiness of each employee working there, realizing potentials. We believe that it is grateful and valuable to be involved to contribute your changes to share which gives both of us more learning together.

Company Profile

Company name Blue Tiger Consulting Co., Ltd. (Blue Tiger Consulting)
Location 4-30-8-6th Floor, Y and A Building, Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0026, Japan
Tel 03(6284)0459
Representative director Fan Zhao
Director Peng Wang
Jinwu Chen (Outside Officer)
Establishment March 2015
Capital 30 million yen
Business description Cloud ERP integration system, Development, introduction, operation, fixing, maintenance, consulting business of omni-channel commerce system

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