Brightening and empowering the companies with ERP total solution

Strengths of Blue Tiger Consulting

  1. Top level ERP (Enterprise Recource Planning) knowledge and experience Financial Accounting Speed implementation
  2. Flexible customization for multiple verticals and industries
  3. Excellent operation and maintenance with transforming to the cloud ERP environment for continuous growth


Oracle NetSuite
  • Oracle NetSuite Rapid Installation & Support Service
  • Oracle NetSuite Development of various additional functions
  • Oracle NetSuite Maintenance Support Service
Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle E-Business Suite installation support service
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Development of various additional functions
  • Oracle E-Business Suite maintenance Support Service
  • Oracle EBS Server Performance diagnostic Service

Vertical solution for Cloud ERP Oracle NetSuite

Wholesales, Distribution and Ecommerce

  • Centralized Omni-channel commerce ERP to integrate transactions such as Order Mgmt, invent management, customer relationship, loyalty management thru the multiple transactions from Amazon, Rakuten, Ecommerce shop
  • Collaboration with front end marketing automation
  • Completely integrated with Ecommerce (Shopify, Magento, etc.) with Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite Rapid implementation for Consulting Service Industry

  • Project accounting integrated solution with NetSuite SRP
  • Rapid implementation for visualizing project accounting and profitability management
  • Integrated recurring revenue management with various recursion income and ongoing contract

NetSuite 2 Tier ERP deployment service for management multiple overseas operation for manufacturing industry

  • NetSuite OneWorld, a global integration solution
  • enables the Integrated management of multiple currencies, multiple languages, multiple taxation
  • Strengthening IT governance and rapid deployment with BTC industrial templates

NetSuite traceability solution in medical equipment industry

  • General medical equipment by traceability of SKU in advanced medical equipment on Oracle NetSuite
  • Compliant with the new QMS ministerial ordinance and integrated management of ISO 13485 management
  • Cloud ERP Integrated fulfillment solution with 3rd Party Logistics integration

Visualization of project accounting in service industry

  • Project accounting integrated solution with NetSuite SRP
  • Realize profitability management in rapid implementing of visualizing project
  • Efficient cost accounting and profitability management and integration with NetSuite Financials


<報道発表> 年末年始キャンペーン実施中:「KEYENCE在庫管理forクラウドERP」で倉庫管理効率をアップさせましょう。 2020年12月14日 株式会社 Blue Tiger Consulting コロナ禍第三波が […]

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